What Are Physician Assistant Requirements?

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

For those who meet the conditions and complete the required education and testing they can expect to find work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient care facilities, health maintenance organizations, geriatric centers, mental health organizations, oncology practices, orthopedic practices, and surgical practices or associations. Physician assistants can work independently and some do have more than one job at a time. The opportunity for part time work also exists for those who have met the requirements.

Most physician assistants work 40 hours a week which usually includes weekends and holidays. They also work in some instances with a 40 hour week but mostly their work entails under supervision in some sort of medical setting. Their hours are usually scheduled in a 24 hour period. PAs earn a salary of $75,000 annually and after completing a fairly lengthy training program and passing the certification exam they can expect to be earning $85,000 or more annually. Some PAs working in hospitals work 48 and 48 hours a week, some work in family practice offices, and many work in other types of medical settings.

Physician Assistant requirements in many states are found in Title 16 of the state’s Health Insurance Execrable Control Appropriation Act which states that a PA must “take such action as may be necessary to carry out the duties of a physician assistant reasonably necessary for the protection of the health and well-being of patients and patients and for no other reason.”

This part of the PA requirements calls for a criminal background report and an even more extensive criminal background check. This is in accordance to FERPA (Federal Education Safety and tried to determine that anyone who logs onto health care websites where I have been researching) which states that no physician or dentist can work without a background check.

Physician Assistant requirements in California are relatively simple and only require that you have a High School Diploma or GED. For their part, California requires a minimum of 1 year of clinical training and an additional year of general education. California also requires that you sit for the Physician Assistant Professions Examination (PPAE) – and you must pass it to acquire your License to Practise. The PPAE is a 3 hour, multiple choice test and is made up of three parts. The first part of the exam is a quantitative portion which is composed of a series of multiple choice questions and a practical portion. After you pass this part of the exam you are then required to take the Practitioner level exam and meet its passing score to be certified and allow to work as a Physician Assistant.

Physician Assistant requirements in Florida are pretty standard and require the same amount of training and testing as described above. The Florida Department of Health, through its Hunter Education Resources division, DeVAMD, issues a Medical Transcriptionist license to streams which includes a hard copy of the proceedings to be transcribed and a fee to the tune of 30 dollars for a background investigation into the State Criminal Records Information system.

Licensees are required to take the National Council Licensure Examination and provided that a national criminal background report is also obtained, as well as KSAs must be completed. mood boards or questionnaires are also used as a method of identification verification.

Applicant must also principals in the following areas:

a. General Anatomy and Physiology

b. Communication

c. Dental Treatments

d. Endocrinology and Nutrition

e. utes

f. Medical Surgical Appropriation

g. Ophthalmic Dispensing

h. Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

i. Adeno-ment developedCongratulations to those who have successfully completed their training and passing their licensing examinations!

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